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Myrtle Beach South Carolina: Search Near You, How To Pay, Licensing, Local Resources, and Questions To Ask

With 60 miles of sandy beach, Myrtle Beach is a classic southern beach town. Myrtle Beach is full of attractions like amusement parks and many cultural cuisines. They have live music on the beach, sports to watch, and coastal golf course views. Myrtle Beach consists of 14 communities with different unique charms to choose from.

Hospice is a service that can be provided in the home or a facility. Facilities in this area could accept Medicare, State Medicaid, private payers and long-term care insurance. 

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About Hospice in Myrtle Beach

A hospice program (outpatient) is a centrally administered, interdisciplinary healthcare program, which provides a continuum of medically supervised palliative and supportive care for the terminally ill patient and the family or responsible party, including but not limited to home, outpatient services and Inpatient Services provided directly or through written agreement.

A hospice facility (inpatient) is an institution, place, or building in which a licensed hospice provides room, board, and inpatient services 24 hours a day to individuals requiring hospice care pursuant to the orders of a physician. Prior to construction or establishment of a new hospice facility, or increasing the number of beds in an existing facility, a hospice facility must obtain a Certificate of Need from DHEC.

Considerations when looking for care in Myrtle Beach, SC

Along the coast Myrtle Beach has 5 different hospice centers to choose from. In a city of 37,000 people, there are many opportunities for community making and getting the care you need. Enjoy the heat and humidity all year round with east coast weather!

Cities Near Myrtle Beach SC

  • Conway – 14 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach
  • Georgetown – 37 miles south of Myrtle Beach 
  • Forestbrook – 6 miles west of Myrtle Beach
  • Red Hill – 12 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach
  • Atlantic Beach – 13 miles north of Myrtle Beach
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How much is Hospice in Charleston

Both Medicare and Medicaid provide a hospice benefit to cover almost all of the costs of caring for a dying person during their end of life stage.

How to pay for Hospice Care?

Medicare, private health insurance, and Medicaid (in 43 states) covers hospice care for patients who meet eligibility criteria.

Private insurance and veterans’ benefits may also cover hospice care under certain conditions. In addition, some hospice programs offer healthcare services on a sliding fee scale basis for patients with limited income and resources. To get help with your Medicare questions call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or visit www.medicare.gov. Additional information about how to pay for hospice care can be found at the Public Policy Institute of the AARP.

Who Pays for Palliative Care?

Medicare, Medicaid, many insurers, and healthcare plans will cover the medical portions—physician and nurse services—of palliative care.

Veterans may be eligible for palliative care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Check with your doctor and healthcare plan to see what insurance will cover in your particular situation. Unlike the comprehensive hospice benefit, there is no comprehensive palliative care benefit.

Medicare.gov is the resource for all things related to Medicare. The official website where you can learn abut eligibility and signing up and any questions you may have regarding coverage.

Medicaid.gov is the most relevant resource for any questions or concerns regarding all things Medicaid.

Local Hospitals and Healthcare Providers in Myrtle Beach

Grand Strand Medical Center

809 82nd Pkwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Main Street Physicians

4600 Oleander Dr #5897, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Ralph Johnson VA Medical CENTER

3381 Phillis Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Questions and inquiries

Is Hospice only for those who have cancer? 

No. It is for anyone with a terminal illness who has been given a prognosis by their doctor of six months or less.  

Do only elderly people use these services.  

It is for all age groups during the final stages of their life. The intention is to allow people to enjoy the closeness of family and a comfortable environment in the last stages of their life.  

Do people on hospice die immediately? 

This care does not hasten death. Though, studies have shown people often live longer than those with the same or similar illnesses who do not choose hospice. 

Are all hospices the same? 

The United States offers thousands of hospices. Most engage in Medicare, which requires certain services for the person in care. So, there is a standard operating procedure.  

How can I afford Hospice care? Is it expensive. 

Hospice care is covered by Medicare Part A, and your personal insurance. 

Is Hospice is only provided in the individual’s home? 

NO, Care is provided wherever the person is, which could be a long-term care facility or a hospital. Being take care of at home is always an option. 

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