Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did we build this website?

Our business was built with the family’s experience in mind. We wanted a fair playing field for families to see all options, and filter those options to their specific needs and timelines. The search feature allows for families to self-advocate and choose providers they want to contact. Many sites request an email or phone number to view results, and then “sell or share” your contact information. On this site, No personal information is required, collected, or shared to search available care providers.

Care Availability is stream lining the way patients get connected to community care partners. We are a community based company with a web-based platform that serves as a one stop shop for all care services and senior housing needs. Health systems, case management teams, and clinics rely on Care Availability when searching for available services.ALL licensed providers can also sign up with a basic profile and report their availability for free. The results in our system and practices remaining fair and equitable for everyone involved.Keeping the family experience and overall health outcome at the center is our priority.

How are the search results displayed in “real time” and then filtered?

Providers on our platform can edit their services, availability, room types, payment options, and advanced services. This helps both families and health teams find your care more efficiently. The default view is “availability” and will show providers with current availability first. Users can search for basic availability information, but can further filter the search by distance, alphabetical, or they can select other advanced filters such as: payment type, bariatric care, ventilator care, hoyer lift, two person transfers and more.

Who can Report Senior Care Vacancies and Availability, and is there a fee to report?

Any provider can get started and begin reporting availability today. It is free to manage and report availability information. Providers can also have multiple users update their profiles and ensure listing information will be current. All providers are included for FREE and each can report their availability in real time at NO CHARGE. Enhanced profile features such as virtual tours, photos, content, and more are available at a cost. Those that wish to include marketing materials pay a small fee, but are included with the general results with non paid profiles.

Who do we include in our provider network and why?

We include 10 different levels of care, and include services that require staff and “availability”. We do not include professional services such as attorney, realtor, financial planners, or referral agencies. The reason we limit to the 10 types of care below is because we want to provide real time views of what may be available in a certain area. Although the other professional services are critical when planning care for a loved one- it is usually not limited by “availability”.

  • Active Retirement
  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Adult Family Homes
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health
  • Home Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Long-Term Acute Care

What if I also need support services and other professional services?

We have included links to many non profit and government agencies to help you with support services, these resources are available on our Family Resources page of this site. There is a link at the top of the page.

Additionally, we manage another resource: Retirement Connection Guide– this is a print and online resource serving much of the Pacific NW. Designed for Boomers, Seniors, Caregivers & Providers to search more than 150+ topics of information and connect you with a quick and complete reference of providers and services. Find other professional services, educational articles, event postings, and help pages are available to offer ongoing support.

I am a provider and I need help setting up my profile.

Here are a few Video tutorials:

New Provider Registration

Resetting Your User Password

Updating your Availability

Managing Users For Your Profile

Updating Enhanced Marketing Profiles with photos & videos

(Romanian Translation) Care Availability Intro & New User Registration