FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

➞ Why was CareAvailability.com created?

Our website was built with the everyday family’s experience in mind and with feedback from health providers. We wanted to create a fair playing field for families to see all available senior care options and be able to filter those options down to fit their specific needs and timelines. Many other sites require your email or phone number to view results, and then sell or share that personal information. On CareAvailability, absolutely no personal information is required, collected, or shared. Anyone can view senior care providers and their direct contact information without even being asked for personal information.

CareAvailability is streamlining the way patients get connected to community care partners. Health systems, case management teams, and clinics rely on CareAvailability when searching for available services. ALL licensed senior living and care providers are listed and can sign up with a basic profile and report their current availability for free. This ensures that all available options are presented, not just the ones who can “buy in” to the database.

➞ How are search results displayed in “real time” and then filtered?

Providers along the continuum of care can report their availability or vacancies so that families, case managers, and community health partners can find REAL TIME availability. Providers can log in and update availability from any device, and that update is immediately reflected on their listing and any search results. The default view for search results shows available providers with photos, and then available providers without photos. The map feature shows providers in the selected geographic region.

Providers on our platform can manage their availability, room types, accepted payment types, and advanced service options. These can be filtered in the search results, which helps both health professionals and families to find care more efficiently.

➞ Who can update care vacancies and availability, and how much does it cost?

Any provider can get started reporting their availability today! It is completely FREE to manage and report current availability information. Providers can also give edit access to multiple other users to ensure listing information is kept current. An enhanced marketing profile is available for a flat fee, and these additionally include photos, social media links, virtual tours, descriptive content, and more.

➞ Who is included in the provider database and why?

We include eight different levels of care or services that each require staff and “availability.” We do not list professional services such as attorneys, realtors, financial planners, or referral agencies. The reason we limit our database to the eight types of care listed below is because we want to provide real time views of what care may be available in a certain area. Although other professional services are critical when planning care for yourself or a loved one, it is usually not restricted by “availability.”

  • Independent Living
  • Adult Care/Foster Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Memory Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • In-Home Personal Care
  • Home Health
  • Hospice

➞ What if support services and other professional services are needed?

We include links to many nonprofit and government agencies to help you with support services – these are available on our Resources & News page. We always recommend reaching out to your local Area Agency on Aging to get the most accurate information for your specific area. To find other professional services, educational articles, event postings, and help pages, please visit our Resources & News page.

➞ How do I get a community/agency listed on CareAvailability.com?

We support Patient Freedom of Choice by including ALL licensed senior care communities and agencies. Simply search your listing in our database and click “Claim This Listing.” You will be prompted to create a free provider login, if you have not already. This ensures only the right people can manage provider listings.

To be a truly comprehensive site, the senior living and care listing data are pulled directly from each state’s health licensing department and then cross checked with Medicare data.

Don’t see your listing? Contact Us for help.

➞ How much does CareAvailability.com charge for a referral?

$0. That’s right, zero. We do not charge for referrals that find your community/agency through our site. We are not a referral agency and we do not track specific leads. We are passionate about bridging the gap between senior services and the community; we are not interested in being a middleman or to profit from referrals.

➞ How does CareAvailability.com qualify leads before they reach out?

We don’t – seniors and families reach out to providers directly! We are unlike any other senior-care related service. We do not collect consumer info to send out to countless providers. Instead, we let families find, contact, and choose you directly at their discretion. This helps providers avoid referral fees and prevents families from being bombarded by unsolicited calls and emails.

➞ Why do some listings have images and more details?

Many providers choose to elevate their listing with a paid Premium marketing profile. This optional benefit engages the public with images, videos, amenities, website links, advanced services, and much more. Please visit our Marketing page or Contact Us for more information.

➞ I am a provider and I need additional help with: