Rhode Island

Hello Rhode Island!

CareAvailability site expands, adding an additional 230 care and senior housing options for the state of Rhode Island

CareAvailability is proud to announce its expansion into Rhode Island, officially providing its real-time
availability of care and senior housing options on the east coast. CareAvailability remains a NEW industry standard as the first and only website that delivers real-time reporting of availability for senior care to the minute. The site first launched in Oregon during the COVID pandemic as an effort to help hospitals find care for patients needing to transition out of beds. Expansion followed into Washington, California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and now Rhode Island.

Unlike other sites, this online resource lists every provider for free, and each can update their current availability at no cost; this significantly increases Family and Patient Freedom of Choice like never before. Until now, there has not been a site that delivers a comprehensive list for families to search without having to give any personal details.

Senior advocates and health professionals rely on CareAvailability to put together comprehensive lists of care options, as well as allowing people to self-navigate searching for care providers. Instead of care providers needing to update multiple paid sites, CareAvailability is an easy one-stop resource, as they do not charge hospitals, physicians, health clinics, social workers or any health team for their services. Medicare Ratings are also included to support Patient Freedom of Choice.

CareAvailability continues to alleviate the search for senior care in an already trying time. Options can be overwhelming, especially when families don’t know where to start. The team at CareAvailability has taken extra steps to provide educational articles to help families better navigate the maze of Long Term Care and aging, by providing links to state agencies, as well as explaining local terminology and regulations.

CareAvailability’s expansion to North Carolina means an additional additional 230 providers are now listed in our database of resources. This includes more than: 90 assisted living communities, 70 skilled nursing facilities, and over 60 home care, home health, and hospice agencies.

Fun Facts about Rhode Island

Rhode Island is nicknamed The Ocean State, because even though it is the smallest state in the union (just 1,045 square miles), it has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. Rhode Island was the last of the original thirteen colonies to become a state.

The name Rhode Island comes from the Dutch phrase “Roodt Eylandt”, meaning “Red Island”.

About CareAvailability

Care Availability is a website dedicated to helping seniors, their families, and healthcare professional find care in real time. Specific questions can be directed to the Care Availability Team’s contact page or connect with them on Facebook.