Stress Awareness Month: April 2023

stress awareness

Stress Awareness: How stress can affect your health

April is Stress Awareness Month, and we want to highlight the importance of recognizing when stress is affecting your physical and mental health. Stress can be debilitating, and can sometimes aggravate existing health problems. It is important to know when stress is taking over, and to learn what strategies work for you to help cope. Try a few of these techniques to help overcome the weight of the stress in your life. 

-Meditation: Learning how to quiet the mind can help quiet the sounds of stressors in our head. Even taking a few minutes a day to disconnect and take a few deep breaths can be beneficial in managing stress

-Exercise: Walking, biking, hiking, or lifting weights can all help to release stress in the physical body. Adding exercise and fresh air to your daily routine may reduce the amount of stress you’re currently experiencing

-See Your Doctor: If you’re experiencing stress that has become too overwhelming for daily life, make an appointment with your doctor. They can offer medical advice in order to deal with an overwhelming amount of stress

Learn more about Stress Awareness month and find more techniques to cope here.

Other notable celebrations in the month of April include…

-Easter – April 9th

-World Parkinson’s Day – April 11th

-Earth Day – April 22nd

-Celebrate Diversity Month

-Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April takes its name from the Latin word “aperire”, meaning “to open”, just like flowers do in spring.

Learn more about the history of previous months here.

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