Social Wellness: July 2022

social wellness

July is Social Wellness month, and after over two years of living through a worldwide pandemic, let’s take advantage of opportunities for socializing! Now that vaccines are more widely available and businesses are opening back up again, it’s time to recognize the need for Social Wellness, especially for Older Americans who experienced so much isolation during the Covide pandemic. Studies have found that people who stay social tend to live longer, have healthier cardiovascular systems, and respond better to stress, along with so many other benefits that we seemed to have taken for granted during the pandemic. Ways to practice social wellness can include planting in your neighborhood garden, joining a gym or exercise group, or going out for coffee with a friend.

Other notable celebrations in the month of July include…

  • Minority Mental Health Awareness Month – Observed each July to bring awareness to the unique struggles that racial and ethnic minority communities face regarding mental illness in the United States. Learn more here.
  • Independence Day
  • Park and Recreation Month
  • Culinary Arts Month

“July is named in honor of Julius Caesar.”

Learn more about the history of previous months here.

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