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For most Seniors, remaining independent in their own home on their terms is at the top of the list. However, the crippling effects of Aging robs seniors of their desire to complete their life’s story with dignity and a quality of life. The good news is that seniors can live their best life possible to the very end at home.

At some point it will be necessary to acquire assistance from a caregiver. Bringing a caregiver into your home can be a big transition. That is why it is imperative to consider the following when choosing the right caregiver for your unique needs.

To start, we highly recommend utilizing an In-Home Care Agency when selecting your personal caregiver. In Home Care Agencies are required to be licensed and accountable to the state. Agency Caregivers are employees, not independent contractors. Besides supplying a great caregiver…

An In-Home Care Agency Takes Care Of The Following For You:

Hiring/Firing Training

Paying Social Security Tax

Paying Medicare Tax

Raying Pay Roll Tax

Workers compensation

Liability Insurance

Background Checks

Reference Checks

Shift Scheduling

Vacation Schedules

Scheduling Shift Call-Offs

Caregiver Qualities Matter

Caregiving is the most intimate job in the world, so insist on making sure your caregiver is a match to your specific needs. A caregivers training and skills are only half the equation. The other half are the qualities of that caregiver. These baseline qualities of an agency caregiver include:

Relationship oriented, and flexibility to your needs. An agency caregiver should respect all boundaries and be socially sensitive to you and your family. Finally, a good caregiver is compassionate, motivated to adapt to your daily routines and always curious about you and your life story.

Choose an agency whose company culture promotes placing a caregiver in your home that is a match to your care and personal needs.

Imagine how it will feel with the RIGHT caregiver!


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Home Care

Home Care is support by a caregiver or sitter in a clients home or community in order to provide companionship or assistance with personal care or errands.
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