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As 70% of Americans will need Long Term Care, is collaborating with Spectrum Retirement to help families better navigate options.

Every day 100,000 baby boomers are turning 65. That is millions of people each year, and this rate of increase is expected to continue until 2030. There are an estimated 1.25 million assisted living units in the United States and more than 70% of Americans 65 years and older will require long-term care at some point. As the number of Americans in need of long-term care continues to rise, the question begs: How do families navigate the increasing challenges of finding care?

How can CareAvailability help? sees this as an opportunity to help more families find the senior care they need. The website lists all senior living, home care, home health and hospice providers at no charge. “We wanted to create a comprehensive database for families and caregivers to easily connect with providers without endless phone calls and uncertainty of available rooms,” CareAvailability’s CEO, Amy Schmidt says. CareAvailability has expanded across the United States and includes all licensed assisted living, memory care, care homes, skilled nursing, home health, home care, and hospice.

There are several online databases, but what makes CareAvailability the most easily accessible and comprehensive directory of its kind? Unlike existing sites, families will be pleased to know that asks for no personal contact information or fees to use the search tools. Similar sites operate on a pay-to-play basis, requiring personal information and paywalls to access provider lists. These sites often have limited information regarding providers, whether it be out of date availability or a limited scope of search capabilities. Users of can tailor the search parameters to their specific needs from any device and have access to provider listings all over the country. Users can contact them providers at their discretion.

Consolidating information into a single platform from multiple states, Medicare and non profit resources into a single website removes the headache for families, and creates more transparency with the community. Providers listed on the site also have the advantage of updating their availability in real time at no charge, ensuring that anyone looking for care knows exactly what options are available.

Our Partnership

Since the site launched, hundreds of providers have been reporting their availability and including additional details, but Spectrum Retirement is the first to make the commitment on a national level for every one of their 43 communities. While the site lists all providers at no charge, it is funded by the companies that choose to add supporting details, marketing photos and videos. As a leader in offering customized experiences and opportunities to residents and families, Spectrum Retirement sees this as an effective way to connect families with the communities that best suit the needs of their loved ones. William Swearingen, SVP of Sales & Marketing shares “What impresses about the Care Availability platform is the comprehensive information it makes available to those searching for senior living options. Today’s consumers need to be provided with the information necessary to make choices; they shouldn’t have to search multiple times to gather important elements. CareAvailability is changing the game for the benefit of the consumer and the provider.  It’s a perfect match with our philosophy.”

Our Mission

CareAvailability gives older adults the benefit of up-to-the-minute senior living and care status in one easy to navigate place, and educational articles to support their journey. The website not only pulls licensing information for every state, but also cross references the data with Medicare ratings. As the demographic of the country shifts, and consumers turn to the web for resources, collaboration opens the door to a wide national audience seeking customized senior living and care solutions. This will become the new industry standard. Health professionals and senior advocates are moving toward this innovative approach so that they can efficiently monitor and inquire about senior living options when needed. Spectrum sees this collaboration as another way to simplify the way families search for care, and an opportunity to ethically connect with them.

Not all of us know when we will urgently need to find proper care for a loved one, or even ourselves. Knowing that there are free and dedicated resources available to the public may go a long way toward simplifying the increasing number of Americans requiring care.

CareAvailability is a website dedicated to helping seniors, their families, and healthcare professionals find care in real time. Specific questions can be directed to the CareAvailability Team’s contact page or connect with them on Facebook.

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