Alzheimer’s Rally for Access


CMS… Fix this mess!

Today we’ve have made progress in the fight against Alzheimer’s with new FDA-approved treatments, but an unprecedented and unjust decision by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is blocking access to these treatments! CMS is denying access to all current and future FDA-approved treatments addressing the underlying cause of the disease. This coverage determination was the first time ever that CMS chose to not have Medicare cover an FDA-approved drug. Which is why CMS must reverse its decision! These treatments are proven to slow the progression of the disease. Leading Alzheimer’s researchers and clinicians overwhelmingly agree that patients should have access to these treatments. Access to these treatments means more time for the person living with early Alzheimer’s. They allow people more time with loved ones, more time to enjoy life, and remain independent longer.

On Friday June 16th, our local Retirement Connection team came out to share our support and our voices to reverse the devastating CMS decision denying Medicare coverage for Alzheimer’s treatment. The fight to treat Alzheimers has made progress but we need your support to make Alzheimers treatment barrier free. The event was led by our fearless leader Amy Schmidt along with Director of the Portland Alzheimers Association Tracey Morgan and, local Lake Oswego student advocate Joonseo Lee whom all spoke out about their direct involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association.

“We are officially in the era of treatment, but Medicare is treating Alzheimer’s differently than any other disease! This is disease discrimination, plain and simple. Every day without access to FDA-approved drugs, more than 2,000 people transition to a more advanced stage of Alzheimer’s where they are no longer eligible for treatment. We need CMS to step up, to listen to the community, to listen to the science and to stop blocking access to these treatments! Let’s tell them why we need Access NOW! ” says Amy Schmidt.

Together, let’s fight for more time, more memories, and a brighter future. We would like to give a big PURPLE thank you to the Portland Alzheimers Association for hosting the Rally For Access. #AccessNow #Rally4access

“The Alzheimer’s Association welcomes and celebrates this action by the FDA Advisory Committee to support traditional approval of Leqembi for people with early Alzheimer’s,” said Joanne Pike, DrPH, Alzheimer’s Association president and CEO. “With this action we are one step closer to more people living with Alzheimer’s having more time with more of their capabilities intact — to do the things they want to do and love to do best.”

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