Memory Care Communities Near Salem, Oregon

Salem, being the capital of Oregon, provides many memory care options to the community. The cost of memory care in Salem can range from $5,495 per month and up depending on the selected community and the options available for each individual. 

Facilities in this area could accept State Medicaid, private payers and long-term care insurance. has been used by families and care professionals in the Salem area to find real-time memory care openings and provide a comprehensive list of options for care.

We do all the work for you when it comes to finding the best memory care in and around Salem. We do extensive research on the facilities and provide you with the most current information and care availability.

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About Memory Care In Salem, OR

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is a difficult task at home, and it may be time to consider professional memory care. Memory care is one of the specialized types of residential care (link to article) available in Oregon. Memory care facilities provide safe and effective care for individuals diagnosed with a form of dementia or severe cognitive impairment that warrants a locked-down community and specially trained staff. 

Considerations when looking for care in Salem, Oregon

Salem, OR has 174.365 adults, 19% of that group are senior citizens and that number is growing yearly.  Permanent professional senior care is becoming more of a need, so finding the best facility for your loved-one can become quite a process and confusing for many unfamiliar with the industry.  Oregon has 65,000 people with Alzheimer’s Disease with a projected growth of 29% to 84,000 by 2025. Many of those residents live in and around Salem, so finding the best memory care facility will become more and more difficult. 

Section 3 – More to consider

Salem has seen continuous and steady growth since its founding in 1842. By 1900, the population exceeded 4,000 people. In just 10 years, this number had risen to over 14,000 and had almost doubled a mere 20 years later. In 1970, the population reached over 68,0000 and in 1990 surpassed 100,000. Recent estimates show that the current population count is up 8.3% since the last census was taken in 2010, indicating that this city will continue to see steady growth well into its future.

Salem is also home to many universities and other higher education institutes, including Willamette University and Corban University, it’s median age is 35.9 which is lower than the national average of 39.70. 87.3% of residents are at least High School Graduates, and as many as 10.8% have Graduate Degrees. In addition, the average household income in Salem is $73,609 with a poverty rate of 15.54%. The median rental costs in recent years comes to $975 per month, and the median house value is $242,800

Cities near Salem, Oregon with Memory Care

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How To Pay for Memory Care

Memory Care in Salem can be a surprise expense to a family, especially if the disease comes on suddenly, and having a savings large enough to cover it all isn’t always possible.  The average cost of nursing home care in Oregon is $270 per night and can vary depending on the location in the state. 

Health Insurance, such as Medicare, will often not cover the expense related to a long-term stay at a residential memory care facility. However, insurance may cover temporary care provided by a skilled nursing home after an individual with dementia is hospitalized. 

It’s important to note that if your loved-one or yourself is in need of long-term care at a memory facility, it will not be covered by standard health insurance. A person can find coverage for long-term care by having a long-term care insurance policy (linked to future article: What is long-term care insurance?). 

Other means for paying for memory care include: 

  • Long-term care insurance plans
  • Veteran’s Aid & Attendance benefits
  • Private funds
  • Whole life insurance plans
  • Reverse mortgages

Why is Memory Care in Salem, OR so expensive?

The costs associated with skilled nursing can induce panic with the sticker shock effect, but it’s often not discussed as to why it costs $6000+ dollars per month.

The truth is that care, no matter the setting, but especially in nursing homes, requires robust staffing 24/7. The costs of hiring and keeping exceptional caregivers and medically trained staff such as nurses, is very costly. Add in the price of running a medical facility all day and night, pricey medical supplies and needed administrative staff, and you’ve got quite the overhead.

Although the cost can seem overwhelming, it’s smart to look into financial planning for end stage retirement and expected care needs.

Local hospital and healthcare providers in Salem, OR

Salem has a robust infrastructure of healthcare providers in the local area that is favorable to the aging population and specifically those with dementia. The city contains 3 major hospitals and over 13 local neurologists. 

Salem is also the home of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Oregon chapter. Our team at works closely with the organization to promote its mission and fundraise. You can find local workshops and resources by visiting their website,

Other senior care resources for Salem, OR.

Salem and the surrounding area are home to a good number of government agencies and non-profit organizations offering help for seniors and their families searching for or currently residing in a memory care community.

To see a list of free memory care resources in Salem, please visit the {link to:} Retirement Connections resource page.


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